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Skin Tag Removal Encino - Get Rid Of Your Skin Tags! | HairFree Laser Center In Encino

Skin Tag Removal Encino

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Skin Tags Removal Encino


Why Tolerate Skin Tags? Choose Skin Tag Removal Encino

Laser technology for skin tag removal in Encino is the preferred choice according to our clients.

Skin tags and benign skin lesions take many different forms; a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Essentially skin tags are growths that are brown, black or flesh-like in color, either raised or flat. Most skin tags are 2-3mm in size however skin tags called Papillomas can grow to 5mm or more. These growths are typically observed hanging from the surface of the skin by a stalk, and they are mostly pliable. They are commonly found in skin folds, on the eyelids, underarms, neck, back, abdomen and groin area.

Some people are susceptible to developing skin tags which can be hereditary, the result of pregnancy hormones, or are simply due to ageing. Those carrying excess weight may also develop skin tags caused by skin-to-skin friction, while men frequently develop skin tags due to friction from shirt collars. In certain cases a large number of skin tag growths may appear all over the body and can prove to be particularly bothersome.

If a skin tag is present on a certain part of the body it can cause discomfort or be prone to tearing. In such cases removal is strongly recommended. Skin tags may also be irritated by jewelry. Many people are self-conscious of visible skin tags and will decide to remove them for cosmetic reasons.

Skin tags may be a cosmetic concern but they are generally harmless. Notably, skin tags can be unsightly and lead to feelings of embarrassment. The good news is they are so easy to remove, the problem can be solved in just one visit to HairFree Laser Center in Encino.

 Laser Skin Tag Removal in Encino – Superb Results!

Innovative cauterizing technology is a highly effective procedure for skin tag removal with minimal discomfort. The precision of this cauterizing technology results in a smooth finish with little, if any, scarring. Although there are many options available for skin tag removal, laser removal is quick, easy, and effective, therefore providing a complete resolution without the need for repeat treatments.

HairFree laser Center is highly experienced in delivering safe skin tag removal treatments with superb aesthetic results.

Traditional Skin Tag Removal Methods – Or Laser?

A range of home remedies have been attempted for skin tag removal, however, caution should be exercised when using home methods due to the risk of scarring. Large skin tags should not be removed without medical supervision since they can bleed as well as being at risk of infection.

Over-the-counter skin tag removal kits are also available but often expensive with unsatisfactory results. Such removal methods may provide some level of success but unlike laser skin tag treatment they are not suitable for multiple skin tags, or those that are larger in size.

Some of our clients have felt that removing skin tags will cause more to grow, but there is no evidence to support this. However, if you are predisposed to developing skin tags regular laser treatment may be necessary.

HairFree Laser Center employ medical and aesthetics professionals for expert advice and consultation regarding laser skin tag removal in Encino.

Benefits laser skin tag removal in Encino by HairFree Laser Center

  • Medical consultation
  • Non-invasive treatment, no surgical scars
  • Removal of numerous skin tags in one treatment session
  • Minimal discomfort, generally painless
  • No downtime

Don’t tolerate skin tags anymore. Contact HairFree Laser Center today for a free consultation.

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