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Laser Hair Removal for Men in Encino

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The initial Laser Hair Removal preparations can begin weeks before the first treatment takes place. These steps often involve preparing your skin and unwanted hair to make them more conducive to laser treatments.

If you normally wax, tweeze, use depilatories or bleach your unwanted hair, these methods should be discontinued 4-5 weeks prior to laser treatment. Shaving is recommended instead. This is mainly a precaution to ensure that the hair removal process is completed efficiently and correctly. Lasers are attracted to melanin in hair and skin, so if you have tanned skin or regularly apply tanning creams and lotions, these should be discontinued 4-5 weeks in advance of your laser treatments. This also means that patients should avoid sun exposure in the time leading up to laser hair removal—sunscreen (SPF 30 or more) should be applied before any prolonged time outdoors. Sunburned skin should not be treated with laser procedure.

Within 24 hours of your laser hair removal appointment, it’s recommended that the chosen areas are shaved of all existing hair with the exception of the face. The facial hair should be visible. Shaving the treated areas allows the laser procedure to be completed efficiently, with less discomfort and/or pain during the hair removal process.
When you arrive for your hair removal appointment, you are expected to be ideally shaved and clean. Additional instructions would be to avoid applications of lotion, makeup, perfumes, and deodorant on the treatment day. Any substances on the skin surface during treatment can refract the laser’s energy and interfere with the laser’s effectiveness. If you feel you have a low pain tolerance, an anesthetic cream may be applied 30-40 minutes to the treated skin for numbness. The numbing cream should be wiped off prior to laser hair removal procedure.
After session is over, you will likely notice that your skin appears red and somewhat irritated from the treatment. This is completely normal, and the best thing you can do at this time is to keep your skin well hydrated, protected from the sun, and free from excess irritation. Our center offers post-laser lotions that can help minimize redness and sensitivity for patients who desire it. By following these basic guidelines for laser-treated skin, patients should be able to resume daily activities immediately post treatment. The tone and feel of treated skin should be back to normal within 1-5 days. Usually treatments are spaced out 4-8 weeks apart depending on the body area and the hair cycle length for that area. For most body areas 4-6 weeks space is recommended between laser hair removal procedures, whereas others may require to wait at least 8-10 weeks. Typically the shedding of the treated hairs takes about 2 to 3 weeks. The hair should be allowed to fall out on their own and should not be manipulated. If you should have further questions please do not hesitate to ask our specialists. Free consultation is always available and strongly recommended.

Laser Hair Removal for Men in Encino – Grooming at its best

It is a fact that men are taking a keen interest in their appearance. Achieving healthy-looking clear skin is a major part of today’s male grooming regime. Laser Hair Removal for Men in Encino by HairFree Laser Center can greatly diminish unwanted hair growth, often considered the epitome of personal grooming. More and more men are considering aesthetic treatments in a quest to improve their appearance and boost their self-confidence. At our laser hair removal center for men in Encino, they can get exactly that.

Concern over how to manage unwanted hair growth is not something only experienced by women. Excess hair growth in men can be a result of genes, ethnicity or age, and it is also caused by high testosterone levels.

When it comes to dealing with unwanted hair growth men are increasingly turning to laser technology to achieve gorgeously smooth hair-free skin. Other hair removal methods can prove painstaking in removing large areas of hair due to the time or the discomfort involved. Some men react badly to shaving resulting in irritating skin flare ups, or ingrown hairs. Shaving or waxing large areas of the body on a regular basis can actually cause hair to grow back quicker, and thicker.  

Laser Hair Removal for Men in Encino by HairFree Laser Center is a great option for eliminating excess hair with minimal discomfort, and highly effective results. In fact, men are a substantial part of our clientele with the number of male clients we treat growing significantly over the years. We treat male clients of all ages, not only young men but older men too are taking control of unwanted hair growth.

Pioneering Laser Technology

Laser hair removal works exceptionally well for men on all areas of the body. If you’re considering laser hair removal in Encino, HairFree Laser Center operate the FDA approved ‘Gold Standard’ Candela GentleMax Pro. We don’t compromise on quality, so our clients are assured of the most professional results. Suitable for all skin tones, our state-of-the-art laser will reduce the number of treatments required compared with traditional lasers, and other light-based hair removal methods.

Laser hair removal for men in Encino by HairFree Laser Center is a popular treatment for shoulders, back, chest and facial hair. Whether you are looking to remove chest hair, achieve designer facial stubble, or define a neck line for your beard, laser treatment can produce long lasting, effective results.

How it works

The Candela GentleMax Pro laser gradually heats hair follicles until the hair falls out. It works by damaging the base of the hair follicle without affecting the surrounding tissue. The hair that is treated will immediately fall out leaving you with smooth, hair-free skin.

Convenient & Effective Hair Removal

Regardless of which area of the body is causing aggravation due to unwanted tufts of hair, laser hair removal is a great alternative to waxing, creams and other traditional hair removal methods. And what’s even better is that laser will dramatically reduce hair growth with ongoing treatment. We recommend a course of 6 to 8 treatments for optimum results.

Contact us today to book a free consultation – Laser Hair Removal for men in Encino works here at HairFree Laser Center, whether you are looking for chest hair removal, back hair removal, or otherwise!

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Laser hair Removal in Encino

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